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T. M. (Todd) Spooner is the author of novels  The Salvation of La Purisima  and  Notes from Exile . His short fiction has appeared in Brilliant Flash Fiction , The Almagre Review , and The Vignette Review . Spooner is an M.A. candidate in English Literature (Fall 2022) at Northern Arizona University and a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a B.S in economics. Contact:  tmspooner2000[at] 
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New Short Fiction

Shooting Stars in Omaha The Almagre Review Issue 4: Language & Music Winter 2017-2018

New Short Fiction

Spooning Thanks to The Vignette Review! Issue 11. Vol. 3.  January 2018                                                           Artwork by Jay Urban Spooning By T. M. Spooner It was Saturday, and Dana, Sheila’s sister, was coming out for the weekend. Sheila and I lived together in a tiny one-bedroom apartment in the suburbs. It was a joke when compared to the magnificent brownstone where Dana and her husband lived in Lincoln Park. Our apartment was an economy job at best and we did everything we could to save a penny. Since we were both graduate students, we were forced to scrimp. Last night, before turning in, I had shut the heat off in the apartment. I did it mainly to save money, but I also liked the excuse for cuddling with Sheila in the mornings. Who needed artificial heat when we were under the blankets, cozy and warm?        As much as I hated to, I slipped out of bed and hurried into the other room to turn on the radiator. It was so cold in the apartment I could se

New Flash Fiction

The Cold After the Snow Thanks to Brilliant Flash Fiction! Issue 12:  January 2017